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High security

Customer funds and mining rewards are always stored in a multi-signature protected offline cold storage

On demand payouts

You can request a payout at any time and we usually process your request within the same day

No fees

Maintenance fees included. Withdraws free of charge!

Friendly customer support

Our goal is your satisfaction therefore our support is trained to help you and assist with any questions you might have

Optimized currency selection

You can mine SHA256 (Bitcoin) or mine Alternative cryptocurrencies using our ACSA (Advanced Currency Selection Algorythm) technology which ensures that you always mine the most profitable currencies

VIP program

High roller? We have you covered. Your loyalty will be rewarded with special threatment and offers for high volume customers

Long term contracts

Every mining contract will work for 3 years since the date of purchase

Fast ROI

Depending on conditions, you can expect 100% ROI (return on investment) in 4 to 5 months

DDOS protection

Our platform is DDOS protected and mining operation is completely separated from the web platform for security purposes

What is is a cloud mining platform developed by cryptocurrency professionals which allows anyone to start mining Bitcoin using our hardware. Anyone is welcome to try our services for free and mine their first bitcoins without any upfront requirements, just an email address. Once you have familiarized yourself with us and wish to scale your mining operation, you can take advantage of our paid mining.
Minimum purchase is 0.00032 BTC ($4.00 USD) for 100 GHS (0.1 THS).

How does work?

We provide cloud mining which is a form of investing in cryptocurrency world. We rent our computing power (hash power) to you at very competitive pricing. We take 0% maintenance fees on mining and withdraws. You can expect 100% ROI (return on investment) in just 4-5 months.

When you register, you receive a hash power of 2 THS for 7 days completely for free. Once that expires, your account keeps the earnings. To start mining for real and enable withdraws, you need to make your first order. Go to "Buy hashpower" and make your first purchase. We mainly accept Bitcoin but you will find a "Pay with Changelly" button which allows you to pay with VISA/Mastercard and Altcoins.

Mining with us is completely maintenance free. All you need to do is buy hash power and then withdraw your earnings.

Proof of payouts

We send on-demand withdraws to our clients with NO FEES. Supported currencies: BTC, BCH and XMR.

$0.42 0.00004033 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.11 0.00001 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$12.23 0.001165 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.13 0.00001234 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$1.05 0.0001 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.54 0.00005171 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.23 0.0000221 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.16 0.000015 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$2.02 0.00019277 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$177.14 0.01687057 BTCOct 22b9ed73da20be0cd3...
$0.74 0.00007 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.14 0.00001318 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$0.75 0.00007151 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...
$61.95 0.0059 BTCOct 227f5adfe47777600e...
$0.45 0.00004249 BTCOct 2293211d6d5729fba9...

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Data center

Our data center is located in a advantageous location of Murmansk, Russia with low cooling requirements and competitive energy pricing. Having started mining Bitcoin as a hobby in our employers server room back in 2013 for a few weeks, we quickly noticed the potential upside of cryptocurrencies and were looking to scale our operations soon after.

Nowadays we own a mining plant with over 50 PH/S in capacity and manage client hardware nearly as much. We also mine alternative cryptocurrencies with great results at a smaller scale.

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Mining Solutions Limited

RU Office address: Lenin avenue 52, Murmansk, Murmansk oblast, Russia

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